Empros Lines Shipping Company S.A has provided international seaborne trade with liner services from the Continent to East Mediterranean ports continuously since 1950 with the aim to provide the best value services in the industry through outstanding operating efficiency.

  • The Company is certified ISO 9001:2015 and is committed to providing a quality service which consistently and continuously meets the requirements of its customers whilst protecting assets under its care, its employees and the environment in general.
  • The Company has always offered its customers a variety of separate liner routes within the region – some actually tailored to their specific needs - for the carriage of an assortment of cargoes.
  • The only common denominator has been its commitment to the concept of traditional break-bulk/conventional, parcel and project cargoes of all sorts.
  • A deliberate choice was made, during the transition to the containerization era, to establish a presence in and to develop and maintain a niche facility for those consumers who cannot, or choose not to ship their goods in containers.
  • The company charters about 180 vessels of 8000-53000 dwt, transports about 1,5 million tons of Bulk cargo (ores, steels, grains, fertilizers and phosphates) and about 450,000 cubic meters of project/unitized cargoes annually.