The Company's roots lie in the mid 19th century, when Captain George P. Dracopoulos, from the island of Myconos in Greece, built the 280 ton barque 'Philadelphos' in a joint venture with grain merchant Ambanopoulos, who was based in the Sea of Azov. The first vessel to carry the name 'Empros' was a 2,418 grt steamship acquired by his son, Markos G. Dracopoulos, in 1914. The expansion into regular liner activities was initiated in 1950 by George M. Dracopoulos, who after collecting the insurance proceeds from the London underwriters for the loss of his father’s ship, the ‘Empros’, in the First World War, used the proceeds as the starting capital to acquire his first vessel s.s. 'Avance', which means 'forward' in English and translates into 'Empros' in Greek. Hence the name 'EMPROS LINES'.


SS Empros
Length:295ft x Breadth:28.2ft x Depth:20.1ft - Registered Tonnage: 2418GRT Built: 1889 - Builders: R.Dixon & Co. Middlesbrough - United Kingdom

Since its establishment, Empros Lines has rapidly developed as a liner operator, a partial/full cargo shipment operator, forwarder and manager of a fleet of Bulk Carriers and General Cargo vessels. From 1974 onwards the company turned to newbuildings, taking delivery of the SD-14-type ship M/V Anna Dracopoulos from the Austin & Pickersgill shipyards in Sunderland. In 1977 and 1978 it took delivery of the SD-14 sister motor vessels M/V Katerina Dracopoulos and M/V Empros respectively. All three sister vessels were financed by the UK Bank Williams & Glyn's Bank Limited under the Export Credits Guarantee Department (ECGD) of the United Kingdom. In the next few years Empros Lines took delivery of M/V Agonistis (1979) from the Watanabe shipyards in Japan, as well as M/V Armenistis (1981) and M/V Alikrator (1983) from the Naikai Zosen shipyards at Setoba, Japan.

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